How Epic Roofing is a Big Supporter of Solar Panels in Roofs?

Home owners in Calgary often call Epic Roofing to ask, “Why is green power technology or solar energy good?” As premier and experienced Calgary roofers, understand the crucial contribution solar panels have in the renewable energy sector. As a company that mounts and repairs all types of solar panels in roofs, Epic Roofing fully supports green technology because of its many advantages.

First, what is green power?

Green power is the electricity from solar, geothermal, wind, low-impact hydro constructions, orbiomass resources. However, to generate conventional electricity, the combustion of fossil fuels is necessary. Thus, conventional electricity is the main cause of industrial air pollution.

To avoid the environmental consequences associated with conventional electricity generation, our technicians can install solar panels in roofs for Calgary residents.

Epic Roofing Solar Power Technologies

The solar industry has a multitude of solar panel models both for the residential and commercial market including bulky rooftop panels. Our field crew deals with all glass and frameless panels as well as high capacity bifacial and clear solar panels.

Bifacial solar panels: The higher energy harvest capacity, double-sided panels can harness sunlight from both sides of the panel following the reflection that occurs on the surface below.Higher energy harvest capacity makes these panels an attractive option.

Glass solar panels: The innovative glass panels are durable and visually attractive than the ordinary silicon cell panels. Epic Roofers can integrate glass panels into skylights and known to be more fire resistant and less prone to erosion.

Frameless solar panels: Many Calgary real estate dealers consult Epic Roofing to provide a solution when there are feelings that framed solars are unattractive and unappealing. Instead, we mount frameless solar modules with streamlined appearance.

Clear solar panels: There are clear solar panels whose designs are frameless. Glass enclosures surround the sunshine-absorbing glass material. Clear glass panels function on silicon technology just as the standard panels do. However, the roof with solar panel having clear

modules is more aesthetically appealing. When our company fixes a panel that sandwiches the cells lying between two attractive glass casings, we ensure that the facility does not sit opaque backing material.

Customized Solar Panels in Roofs in Calgary

Epic Roofing knows that no two customers will love uniform solar skin designs. Thus, we work on roof with solar panels, we can customize the facility and ensure that it matches your roof shingles.

Further, we support solar panels in roofs by ensuring that there are micro-grids and inverter integration. In fact, compared to traditional electricity grids, the trendy, smaller micro-grids work better.

Today, installing a solar panel is the way to go for Calgary residents wishing to benefit from green technology. We are who understand all the new technologies to harness the power of the sun as well as blending the solar system with beautiful roof architecture.

For solar energy and solar lighting utilizing current technologies and reducing your monthly electricity bills as you renovate or build a new home, Epic Roofing is ready to assist always.