offers Solar Energy & Facilities Management Services

Solar energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy as it is almost always readily available throughout most times of the year. Most organizations though, find it an expensive investment and would opt not to take that course disregarding the benefits associated. But as a matter of fact, all kind of renewable resources are advantageous since they reduce the expenditure usually directed at maintaining energy facilities. The only strenuous point is the initial capital investments where some companies have partnered to ease the initial requirements. In this article, we shall provide details on the pronouncement of on providing Solar Energy & Facilities Management Services.

into Partnership

With an objective to provide steady and resolute energy to plants and buildings, the , based in Malaysia, resolved to partner with a French company ENGIE. They are to establish a solar energy plant where the company will supply and install solar energy equipment and after that offer high-end facilities management services to the institutions. They intend to offer these services at a reduced cost thereby reaching more locales. The partnership will target to benefit several institutions in the following ways.

1. Solar energy increases plant productivity

One of the primary targets of company is various industrial plants in Malaysia and several other countries. They aim at attaining the statistics set by the country’s Policy of reaching 2000 Megawatts by the year 2020 through renewable energy sources. Once they achieve that, power reliability in plants will be increased thereby making their production processes efficient. In turn, companies will spend less on power and gain higher profits with increased production.

2. Environmental conservation

Unlike other energy sources that companies rely on such as fossil fuels, solar energy does not cause harm to the environment. Fossil fuels produce harmful gases which are hazardous to the environment. Therefore, there is a need for switching to solar energy and intends to achieve that. The future global source of energy is perceivably solar, and hence is a company for the future.

3. Zero energy institutions

On top of establishing a solar power plant, the company will also be involved in installing solar power equipment in institutions. Once a company has the panels, they will have energy entirely at their expense. The only expenditure involved is for maintenance activities which will be offered inexpensively by group. Eventually, after a short while, the financial benefits provided by the installation will have covered for the cost incurred during the installation.

Maintenance Practices

Solar energy components require routine maintenance to ensure continued performance and efficiency. First of all, for solar hot-water systems, it is essential to check them out for leakages regularly. Leaking pipes and panels need to be repaired or replaced while the dirt on panels should be wiped out. If the systems are Glycol-based, the concentrations should be checked as well, and the appropriate intensities should be maintained.

On the other hand, solar electrical systems should also be examined regularly. If there are any malfunctioning solar panels, they should be replaced. If any overgrown plants could be covering the panels, they should also be cleared as they may block sunlight from hitting the panel properly, which reduces their efficiency. The good thing is that has various technicians who are experienced and always at your service any time you require maintenance or repair services.


Apart from benefiting institutions and organizations, has also been an advantage to the entire community. It has offered jobs to many dwellers thereby improving their living standards. It has also provided affordable services by causing local tax breaks therefore, most homesteads are in a position to access electricity.