Our Services

Sime Darby operates different companies. The Company focuses on Engineering and technical services. The Sime Darby Company is a symbol of excellence. The company is a global leader in all the fields that they operate. Here is a look at a list of their services.


The Sime Darby Company is a global leader in engineering. The company offers engineering services to the oil and gas industry. They have revolutionized oil and gas production and extraction. They supply products like electrical and density meters by Emerson. They also have test benches and calibration equipment from TIS equipment. They have so much to offer as they serve as the guide for companies looking for excellent engineering after sales services.

Solar energy and facilities management

In partnership with ENGIE, Sime Darby group has been able to bring solar energy on board with other services. They provide solar solutions in Malaysia and facilities management. The management is on state of the art integrated services management to mission-critical operations like airports, hospitals, and many others.

 Motor services

The Sime Darby motor is one of the largest motor providers in East Asia. The company represents the world most prominent brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, and Rover. The company serves the East Asia region by giving you the best of automotive spoils. The company is a significant aid for assembly, importation, and sale. They offer vehicles both for retail and for rental services.

3. Logistics  

Sime Darby is involved in logistics services. They deal with port services in Shandong China. You can get transport services from the port to your business or vice versa. They operate major cranes among other services that are involved in logistics.

Technical services

The company is the pioneer of the first natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling station in Malaysia. The company has excellent connections with global companies like Lincoln, and Kawasaki. The relationship helps connect our customers to enjoy leading products and services in the bio-gas section. The company has successfully installed more than 27 stations and 30 compressors in Malaysia. The company provides full installation and maintenance for their clients.

Health care

Sime Darby is involved in health care with cohorts with an Australian listed Ramsay Healthcare limited. The Sime Darby Company owns and operates three hospitals in Malaysia and two hospitals in Jakarta.


Sime Darby owns stakes to Tesco; a large food retailer in Malaysia. The shops are all over Malaysia. The company plays a significant role in trade in Malaysia.


Sime Darby is also an insurer. If you would like excellent insurance services for your business, this is one of the best companies you can get out there. The Sime Darby insurance covers are for business risks. You get a business risk management system to cushion your business from potential threats. Due to the vast knowledge in the business world, Sime Darby can help you prepare for any forthcoming issues in your enterprise.