Our Mission

Sime Darby Energy and utilities are a part of a Malaysian multinational company with the same name. The company was established to serve other companies in the engineering and utilities sectors. The multinational company is the best in the field. The energy and utility group has changed the world of business in terms of engineering, oil and gas production and other technical areas. What is our mission? Here is our purpose to our customers, stakeholders, clients and the world at large.

Our work

We are a part of the larger group of Sime Darby group from Malaysia. We focus on engineering, trading, Port and logistics, and technical services. We are guided by optical optimism which makes all the difference in the fields stated above. Our aim is providing sustainable engineering solutions for our customers.

To our competitors

The business stands out from the competitors as it seeks to incorporate sustainability to its business. Engineering companies have not been able to deliver sustainable solutions to the field. We have been able to work with companies who are our suppliers and partners in various areas. Unlike a start up the business is well acquitted with the market and seeks to be the best at what they do.

Our services

Our primary focus is in the engineering, energy, and utilities. In southeast Asia, we are a force in fabrication with a span of years in the industry. The company is involved in oil and gas exploration. Through excellent engineering solutions, there has been an enhancement in the oil and gas exploration. We also have massive experience in design engineering and construction.

Our mission to other industries

The company plays a significant role in various industries. Since Sime Darby explores natural, sustainable oil, the company is one of the most promising businesses in the field of sustainability. Sime Darby is a global leader in the areas of engineering, energy, and utilities.

To other stakeholders

The company is not only crucial to the owners but also other businesses that depend on our services. Twenty thousand employees who work with us can attest to this. It is also a huge income earner with millions of money paid as revenue to the government. The company has offered farmers value for their products as they opened the market for cocoa and palm.

Our mission to the environment

The Sime Darby Company has made a significant impact on the world. Sustainable oil and gas production makes a huge difference by creating clean energy sources. Innovation has been our leverage in bringing sustainable engineering solutions for a green future.