Mecomb Singapore Management Team

Managing Director, Mecomb Group
Head – Engineering Services Energy & Utilities Division

  • 20 Years of Service
  • BSC Computer Science & Pure Mathematics
  • BE Electrical & Electronics
  • Professional Engineer (PE) Singapore
  • People Developer & Motivator
  • Group Operations & Management

“We want to be respected for our contributions. We cannot demand respect through organisational hierarchy, but earn it by setting leadership examples. We start by setting and achieving respectable targets.”

General Manager
Tan Siak Kong

  • 36 years in service
  • Operations Management
  • Business Turnaround
  • Partnership Relationship Development
  • Talent Management
Finance Manager
Candice Tan Sok Kiang

  • 18 years experience
  • Financial Controls
  • Operations and Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management Team
Division Manager, Life Science & Water
P.I Philip

  • 19 years in service
  • Strategic  and Sales Management
  • New business development
  • Strategic Management Team
Division Manager, Projects & System Integration

  • 19 years in service
  • Key Accounts Management
  • Adept in Marine Sector
Division Manager, Controls Automation & Customer Service Centre
Escaleen Teoh Bee Hu

  • 18 years in service
  • Project Sales Management
  • Adept in Automation Sector
Division Manager, Electrical Distribution
Bruce Lee Tze Hock

  • 19 years in service
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Adept in Panel Builder Sector
Operations Manager, Motion Smith
Doreen Wan Siew Eng

  • 37 years in service
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Adept in Marine Supplies Sector
Human Resource Manager
Doris Lee Meow Hiang

  • 3 years in service
  • Human Resource Management
  • People Development
  • Competency Development


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