Our Community Involvement

Many websites across the world of network users have contents that the public can access and use to their livelihood. Among these pages is the community page content Sime Darby. This page came in operation in 1910. Two great British men William Sime and Henry Dardy established it. Since then, it has been helping the community through various programs that include the following:

1. Health and Community

Under this program, they help community-based projects on sustainable approach initiative that intends to improve the welfare of valuable people across the world. They put their emphasis on community-based organizations that support disadvantaged people, abandoned children and adults, vulnerable women, people in socio disparity crisis, people living with disability among other community drawbacks.

They offer support to advocacy authorities and private legal entities that work to promote national legal policies to promote fundamental human right and improve life quality to the less fortunate. They call for agencies in community-based programs to increase their research on how to help the well-being of all human race globally.

Sime Darby also supports the fight against HIV Aids in the community. Their health program department educates the public on HIV and provides medication services to victims.

2. Community empowerment program

Sime Darby has employed hundreds of people across the world. They offer employment in human resources, finance management officers, IT experts, accountant officers, operation unit officers, data management officers, filed marshal officers among other areas. People who work here earn a living; run their families; hence whole society grows.

3. Education

Sime Darby provides the scholarship to needy students to study in different schools across the world. They take education with passion and believe it is only through quality education that communities can fight poverty. They run and education Foundation within the CBO that coordinates education programs.

They also offer the financial grant to education centers coming in place and organize community-based short-term education programs on CSRs.

4. Energy Utilities and Climate

Energy and climate is another area where Sime Darby has invested its efforts. They believe there is a need to conserve our natural heritage to avoid extreme climate change and depletion of the ozone layer. They, therefore, have a team of science expert that help achieve this objective. They monitor the environment through the provision of education to communities on how best to counter extreme carbon emissions, energy utility, and waste management.

They target to have only 1% carbon emission into the air and recycle the rest from industries, 5%, and 10% air emission from Motor and Logistic companies respectively. They are also concerned about the burning of fossil fuel in the world. They try to find a measure to stop it.


The aforementioned are a few projects that Sime Dardy runs. We have others aimed for the well-being of human being. You can widen your research and get to learn more about this remarkable community-based company.