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E&U has been a permanent feature among the best engineering and utility service providers for many decades now. The company is synonymous for its quality service in engineering, technical services, trade, water management, and ports and logistics. It has offered these services to great success over the years backed by their determination to provide sustainable engineering solutions and make dreams come true.

We are going to look at the dynamic organization of Energy and Utilities.

The Procurement section is the is main tender and procurement division of the entire E&U. This division is the backbone of the whole company because it is charge carrying out some of the key functions that embody E&U. The division is tasked with procuring a variety of services and products that are used to run this unit. Furthermore, it is charged with putting up structures to help the company monitor, assist and ensure rules are followed in procurement and handling of tenders in the entire company.


The company has strict purchasing policies that are engraved in the company’s code of ethics. Every purchase is administered with impeccable levels of ethical, professional, legal and moral backing.

The company's members

The company’s members of staff are directed against taking any form of gifts from anyone who is looking to do business with E&U.


The company’s members of staff are directed against taking any form of gifts from anyone who is looking to do business with E&U.

Engineering Sdn Bhd

This entity is the vehicle used by the company to penetrate the Gas and Oil engineering market. It is also an influential player in the production and exploration of gas and oil.

The division boasts top of the range engineering yards equipped with modern equipment and facilities, setting SDE apart from its peers. The services provided are famous across the continent and the world. The company has been offering the best fabrication services in the Eastern hemisphere for close to two decades.

This division of E&U specializes in the provision of technical services and products for the entire gas and oil industry. It executes its functions with the help of the company’s renowned technical and engineering divisions.

The company is a reliant supplier of quality transformers, low volt equipment and switchboards from GE, calibration tools and test bench from TIS Instruments.

Previously known as TMA-Joy Industries, Joy Industries is a product of a joint business deal between Joy Industries and Industrial Sdn. Bhd. It specializes in customized and standardized engineering services. The company is operated under engineering and Technical Services division of the company that covers non-China ventures.

This entity focuses on the creation and distribution of industrial radiators, and heat exchangers. The company also offers in-house services such as project management, mechanical and thermal design, and 3-D modeling.


Dealings in the gas and oil industry are always shrouded in corruption and numerous back channelings in a bid to tie down deals. However, with Energy & Utilities you do not worry about any transparency issues because you are assured of cutting-edge services.